Our Commitment to Sustainability

We share a commitment to sustainability across Elevate Outdoor Collective brands. By creating next-level experiences for outdoor enthusiasts, we fuel each brand’s mission with the collective strength of a world-class organization, modern development facilities across all of our global distribution channels. Together, combined with our athletes and community, we strive to progress the culture of the great outdoors.

Our Promise

As skiers, snowboarders, and winter sports enthusiasts, we spend all of our time in the mountains and are conscious of our environment. Elevate Outdoor Collective is committed to making a more sustainable future for both people and the planet.

We move forward with conscious discipline towards creating the best and longest lasting products. We are mindful about manufacturing processes, we are determined to make more sustainable material choices and we will continually explore product innovation. We will work toward creating better end-of-life uses for our products that is more sustainable than disposing of the product and will always strive to reduce our impact.

We will also continue to promote inclusivity and forward progression for all people within our community. This remains our commitment to our sports, to our consumers, and to the mountains and natural world that we live and play in.

As we live and play in the mountains, we prioritize our commitment to the planet.

It starts with each of us and it’s our duty to influence our network and beyond to take action.

As a team, we understand and create multi-faceted strategies to achieve our sustainability objectives.

Improve the World.

Our objective is to achieve a minimum of 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030, an 80% reduction by 2040 and be net-zero before 2050.

  • On average, over 70% of our energy consumption in our owned manufacturing facilities is powered with Solar/Renewable energy
  • We reduced 66% of our facilities lighting needs via an energy conversion program.
  • Our Global headquarters in Seattle, is an energy star certified building, ranking 80th in energy efficient buildings in the Seattle area.
  • All employees are incentivized to use alternative transportation via public transit or other human powered means.
  • Over 80% of our paper and cardboard is FSC certified, and over 80% has recycled content.
  • We have converted over 80% of our plastic bags to 100% recycled content.
  • Our skis and snowboards have over 50% recycled steel edges
  • Over 30% of our skis and snowboards use a bio based resin.
  • We have many waste reduction measures in place to reuse scrap materials, like plastic injection into new injections, ski boot liners into reinforcements and wood core pieces into fuel pellets.
  • We are converting over 65% of our wood core consumption to FSC or PEFC certified.
  • Our production facility in Germany sources 100% of their materials within Europe, reducing transportation emissions.


An organization dedicated to uniting and supporting the outdoor industry to take real and immediate action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

This suite of tools allows us to measure our sustainability performance and set goals for continual improvement of all processes.

Providing intelligence and advocacy on behalf of the Snowsports industry.

Climate Neutral Certified is the standard earned by companies that offset and reduce their carbon emissions. It's time for companies and consumers to lead, and make climate change solutions happen at a global scale. Learn about the 300+ companies that are leading the way to a zero-carbon future.