Our Mission

Be the trusted leader delivering innovative products, services, and cultural connection to elevate the outdoor enthusiast’s experience.

Elevate Outdoor Collective is an alliance of iconic outdoor and winter sports brands with a specialized focus on skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing. With each unique brand maintaining its own individual points of view and driving independent innovation, the Collective is fueled with the strength of world-class development facilities and engineers, global distribution channels and committed outdoor lifestyle enthusiasts and experts.

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We live and work by a shared set of core values:

We're here because we love our sports, our brands, and our people. The passion is what gets us up in the morning and on the hill early

We uphold the highest levels of respect, honesty, and ethical standards in all our business practices.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality in all aspects of our products, service, and work.

We aim to exceed our customers’ expectations in all aspects of our product and service performance. We are results driven and prioritize achievement over activity.

Since day one, we've been driven to innovate products that allow our customers to go places they've never been, all in pursuit of pushing the sport further

We welcome athletes with all abilities and from all walks of life to enjoy our products with the belief in teamwork without barriers. To make the best products it's crucial to listen humbly to all perspectives.

We work hard but don’t take ourselves to seriously. We strive to keep the fun in everything.

Everyone is invited to our party.

Elevate Outdoor Collective is committed to increasing diversity and inclusion across all facets of our company; from athletes, employees, products and consumers to create change towards a more open and inviting world for the future.

  • Maintain a company culture that is 100% supportive of diversity and inclusion of winter sports and beyond.
  • Commit to diversifying our employee base globally in regards to ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation.
  • Expand our recruiting and hiring process to make it more inclusive and accommodating to a wider and more diverse talent pool.
  • Utilize our athlete and ambassador programs to include more diverse and inclusive personalities.
  • Use our product creation and our marketing platforms to focus on more diversity and inclusivity.
  • Increase support for organizations aimed at increasing a more diverse and inclusive participation in winter sports.


SOS Outreach believes every child deserves the opportunity to thrive.

Promotes awareness of the outdoor to inner city children through snowboarding.

The mission of the Fund is to foster equity and inclusion within the fashion industry by providing scholarships to students of academic promise of Black, African-American, or African descent.

The Dillon Ojo Lifeline Foundation is a Nonprofit organization founded in memory of snowboarder, artist and all around nice fellow Dillon Charles-Ojo.